About US

Seven Generations Consulting Company was established in 1998. We work with public agencies, non-profit organizations, foundations, academic institutions and congregations. Our approach to consulting is to recognize that much of the wisdom necessary to solve a group’s problem rests within that group. We seek to tap into that wisdom and give it breath. We provide culturally based technical assistance, training, consulting services is the following areas:

  • cross-cultural effectiveness
  • meeting facilitation
  • spiritual, personal coaching
  • executive coaching
  • team building
  • organizational development
  • organizational assessment
  • systems development
  • program planning and development
  • strategic planning

We also offer interactive training in several areas of community development. Our training sessions are thought-provoking, interactive experiences that engage people in the learning process. Some of our training topics include:

  • multi-cultural collaboration
  • governing board roles and responsibilities
  • grassroots/neighborhood organizing
  • social justice advocacy
  • community organizing
  • consensus decision making
  • leadership development
  • fund raising
  • economic literacy
  • communication skills
  • conflict resolution
  • discerning spiritual gifts

Seven Generations’ partner organization is Oakland CAN (Community Action Network). Oakland CAN was established in 1993. Its primary mission is to develop strategies for neighborhood organizing that represent the views and concerns of everyone in the neighborhood using the methodologies taught and practiced by Seven Generations.

The name Seven Generations is rooted in our Haudenosaune cultural tradition. It reminds us to take the long view as we imagine and create the world we want for our children and their children, unto seven generations. We honor the generations who came before us, knowing that their work informs ours and recognizing that we stand on their shoulders. We are mindful of the legacy we are creating, and how our decisions will impact those who will come after us.