Patricia St. Onge (Six Nations)

Patricia St. Onge is the founder of Seven Generations Consulting and brings over twenty years of experience leading and working with nonprofit and public sector agencies. She provides training, consulting and technical assistance in the areas of community organizing, social justice advocacy, organizational development, cross-cultural effectiveness, consensus building, spiritual & personal coaching. Patricia serves on the board of directors for Common Counsel Foundation in Oakland. Prior to launching Seven Generations Consulting, Patricia was Executive Director of several nonprofit organizations, including Habitat for Humanity, where she also served as Western Regional Director. She also served as Director of Education and Training at National Community Development Institute (NCDI). These experiences have enabled Patricia to serve as interim Executive Director for 7 nonprofits and foundations, overseeing the day-to-day operations of the organization, assisting with the executive search, and coaching their board through the transition.

Patricia writes and speaks on an array of issues including executive coaching, executive transitions, board development and engagement, and cultural competency. She is the lead writer for Embracing Cultural Competency: A Roadmap for Nonprofit Capacity Builders published by the Fieldstone Alliance, one of the nation’s leading nonprofit publishers. A trainer and coach for over 15 years, Patricia works with organizations to deepen their cultural competency skills as part of an ongoing journey that involves nonprofit leaders, their boards, and broad based communities, resulting in a more inclusive, connected, and effective organization. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services from Southern NH University and Master of Divinity from Pacific School of Religion. Between them, she and her life partner have six daughters and seven grandchildren. Patricia is of Six Nations (Mohawk) and Quebecois descent. 

Wilson C. Riles

Wilson has been an activist, public servant and consultant for over thirty years. He is a graduate of Stanford University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Mathematics. He did graduate work at the University of California at Berkeley in Educational Psychology and Child Development. A former Oakland City Council member, Wilson serves as an advisor to leading political figures, governmental agencies, and non-profit organizations developing policy ideas that become part of an effective strategic message. Wilson also worked for ten years as the Regional Director of the American Friends Service Committee, an eighty-three year old international non-profit based in the United States which gives contemporary meaning to Quaker principles. He is a regular course lecturer on “The History of Race” at universities in the Bay Area.

Regarded as an authority on local currency, Wilson is known for developing community driven campaigns to engage local city and county governments, even in the most challenging circumstances, who partner with their local nonprofit sector to create sustainable community development alternatives. He is active in many civic and community organizations including the San Francisco Zen Center, the Northern California Coalition for Immigrant Rights, and FONKOZE (a Haitian micro-loan program).

B. Cole

Cole holds an MSc from the London School of Economics and has worked as a community facilitator, strategist, and consultant for the last ten years. Drawing on her experience as a community organizer and organizational development consultant, Cole works at the intersection of financial management and individual donor management. Through helping her clients build strong relationships with their communities and integrating their program work, Cole has helped organizations launch successful individual donor campaigns. She is often praised by clients for her tremendous high energy and ability to integrate both the macro and micro within organizational and strategic development planning.

A development strategist, Cole works with nonprofits on an interim basis in the areas of finance and operations to build strong internal systems and organizational culture that align with their fundraising needs. Cole is a member of the Progressive Consultants Network and the Development Executives Roundtable. In addition, Cole co-authored Through the Lens of Culture: Building Capacity for Social Change and Sustainable Communities. The work from this piece has been used to forward understanding of culturally competent training across the country. A Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar, Coro Fellow, and recipient of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship and the Spirit of Delores Huerta Award, Cole has worked across the US and internationally on issues of community development and social enterprise.