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June 2009

June 09, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden - part 7

The evolution of the Wizard has been one that has mostly entailed a changing of “clothes” rather than changes of substance. The foundations of democracy evolved from suffrage for only propertied white males to universal suffrage but with corporate funded and dominated elections. Corporate rights are secured under the 14th Amendment, which was intended to give full rights to slaves. Ironically, in an 1886 case (Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific Railroad Company) Supreme Court Justice Morrison Remick Waite simply pronounced, before the beginning of arguments in the case, the doctrine of corporate personhood. Although no real scrutiny of this conceptual point could conclude that corporate “legal” entities that lack life, can exsist forever, and that seek unrestricted control and power is a person deserving of rights, this doctrine became stated law without argument or judgment. Out of this unchallenged pronouncement springs Buckley v. Valeo, which equated money – corporate money – with free speech thus giving the voices of the monarchial, elite investment class a more powerful voice than each and all the rest of us. How self-contradictory is that state of affairs; is this what we teach the Revolutionary War was fought for? You know…let’s get rid of the King of England so that we can establish a tiny oligarchy to push us around. (next blog - part 8)

June 08, 2009


From what Eurocentric conception does US “exceptionalism” spring? Is it “the chosen people” or “manifest destiny” or is it a derivation of religious or racial false-beliefs of superiority?

June 08, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden - part 8

The cult of U.S. “exceptionalism” coaxes the unsuspecting into a spider’s web that only results in the injection of a paralyzing venom: a cocktail mix of conformity, individual greed based on a false conception of scarcity and juvenile and narcissistic consumer cravings played on by the productions of super talented, highly paid artist and social psychologists. I guess every religion needs its materialistic spectacles, initiation rituals, and sacred drugs. There are flashing lights and sounds, cheap “costume jewelry” rewards for obedience, and whispers of an opportunity to become “vestal virgins” or “young princes.” I do not know about you, but my skin is crawling.

June 08, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden - part 6

The dominant cultural ethos of the United States has evolved; however, its starting point was one that sprang from monarchial, imperialistic corporate charters that culturally disparaged and dehumanized the original inhabitants of this land. The purpose for these instruments of investment was almost exclusively to garner kingly fortunes for those who would not do the work. Not even the Revolutionary War would clean American colonialism of capitalism’s glorification of the supremacy of individual (that is monarch-like, “a man’s home is his castle”) ownership dominance. The “tea party” was about the distribution of the spoils; the Constitution avoided any challenge to human bondage; and Jefferson lost the argument to Hamilton about the establishment of an economic system that would serve the rights and needs of workers over the greed of the investor class. (next blog - part 7)

June 08, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden - part 5

Recognizing the efforts to camouflage capitalism by appropriating the advancements and gains achieved by other elements of human endeavor and recognizing the obfuscating of the damages that result from acting on a belief in pure capitalism, capitalism must be considered a “religion” rather than a valid economic theory. Believers are blind, deaf, and dumb to history, fact, and logic. How much more must we sacrifice on the Altar of a belief in the Eurocentric religion of capitalism. (next blog - part 6)

June 08, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden - part 4

There is no question that the myth of capitalism is deeply ingrained and intertwined with Eurocentric culture. Myths, which freeze into unchanging solidity over decades and centuries, anchor a culture. When the conceptual points in a myth function radically differently than the real conceptual points in the environment there is either a dysfunctional culture and/or a dysfunctional people. Alternatively, it could be that the myth is being miss-interpreted as a story told in the language of the material when it actually speaks the language of the immaterial or vice a versa. It is generally considered a sin to confuse the immaterial with the material - idolatry. (next blog - part 5)

June 08, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden - part 3

Cultural belief systems can be scored based on the degree of consistency and integration into the total collection of beliefs that make up an identifiable culture. In a sense, culture is a web of meaning and “stories” between conceptual “points” that we identify in our material and immaterial environment. Each point and story can have degrees of clarity and power in naming that culture. The mathematical, metric model would likely be some amalgam of chaos theory and holography. Cultures are dynamic entities that change with time and are distilled to some degree in each and every - more or less - boundary-less part and aspect. A profound enough change in one aspect can change the whole culture with the passage of time – the “butterfly effect.” Consistency and integration are measures more-or-less of “what is” and “what is not” of that culture. (next blog - part 4)

June 08, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden - part 2

The Invisible Hand of the free market is an imperialistic, monarchic fairy tale. That capitalism arose in the 17th century out of the desire of kings and queens to amass gold to purchase armies and conduct wars, to fund rapacious expeditions, to squeeze something out of nothing, and to compete with other brutal, disdainful-of-the-ravages-of-poverty personalities is verifiable historical fact. Also historically factual is the devastating trail of economic ruin that capitalism has visited on all but a tiny few who get caught up in the “boom-bust” cycles that stretch from the “tulip bubble” bursting in Holland in 1637, to the South Sea Company (slave trade) bubble that burst in 1720 in Great Britain, to the various bursting mining stock bubbles, to the various bursting railroad stock bubbles, to the crash of 1929, to the “Asian Flue” throughout the late 1990’s, to the 2000 stock market crash, to the sub-prime mortgage crisis of 2008. Add to this the grinding down of labor and the profligate use of resources by the petty bourgeoisie striving to climb up higher into that tiny few of the elite investment class and you have “the invisible hand” exposed, naked, and attached to the craven, imperial, monarchic Wizard of laissez faire. (next blog - part 3)

June 08, 2009

The “Invisible Hand” is Just Hidden

So-called “free” market capitalism is a Eurocentric, cultural, iconic myth that is laden with irony, self-contradiction, materialistic idolatry, and mono-cultural chauvinism; not to mention the massive economic oppression and blood that flows under this Wizard-of-Oz’s curtain. That is a long, tightly packed sentence. Let me tell you what I really think. (next blog)