Workshops are geared to the specific group(s) we are working with. Following are very brief topic descriptions for a sampling of the workshops we’ve led. We are available to teach/lead workshops on many other topics.
Training Workshops
  • Range in length from 2 hours to day-long
  • Workshops are interactive
  • Draw on the experiences and wisdom of the participants
  • Provide practical tools for carrying the lessons of the workshop beyond it
Multi-cultural Collaboration

Designed to help agencies that want to work in collaboration with community groups that represent different cultural traditions, this workshop provides practical tools for engaging cross culturally with integrity and

Neighborhood/grassroots Organizing

Based on many years of experience working in various neighborhoods, this workshop combines organizing principles and economic development strategies that engage all stakeholders in a given neighborhood.

Consensus decision-making

There is a particular form of decision making that moves a group beyond Robert’s Rules of Order to true consensus. Techniques for achieving this significantly empowering method are available. We have extensive experience working with team building and consensus decision making models.

Conflict Resolution

Using role playing and other tools, we offer tools for breaking through challenges that have created conflict. Combining individual reflection and group activities, we help people and groups move through areas of conflict toward resolution.

Discerning Spiritual Gifts

Each of us is born with a particular gift, which provides a lens through which we interpret the world and our place in it. By understanding what our spiritual gift is, we can engage with our lives and with the world in more intentional and healthy ways. This workshop provides tools for discerning one’s spiritual gift.

Leadership Development

What are the characteristics of a good leader? How are they developed? What shapes their development? By exploring the answers to these questions, the workshop provides opportunities for people to determine their leadership abilities and to develop strategies for developing them further.

Communication skills

Communication is more than what we say, though it is that too! What don't we say? How do we use our bodies to communicate? Are there cultural implications to our communication styles? This workshop gets at the issues behind the questions.

Economic Literacy

In a time of economic growth, why are there so many homeless people? Why are people starving around the world? This workshop looks at economic policies behind the economic indicators and gives us tools for change that allow everyone to benefit from the economic well being that many are so clearly enjoying.

Financial Life Planning For Organizers

Within the grassroots nonprofit community, and our ally organizations within business and government there are few resources for financial planning. As individuals committed to social change, sustaining a life of activism means building a solid financial foundation that allows us to build strong families, organizations and communities. How well do you feel talking about and managing your own money? How does this carry over into the organizations we work within?

Social Justic Advocacy

Every area of our lives is impacted by social justice or the lack of it. Health, education, safety, crime, etc. This workshop explores the issues in ways that shows their interconnectedness and with a view toward raising options for creating a more just society.


Individual donors provide more than 80% of charitable contributions in the US. Yet, agencies and organizations seek government and foundation money through grant writing. These are important sources of funding, but for most agencies there is a vast untapped resource in the community of individual donors. Learn proven approaches to reaching this tremendous resource and enhancing the capacity of your organization to be effective in the community.